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Lane Duke is a country music singer/songwriter, from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Being raised on the rocky banks of the Bay of Fundy, incorporating the traditional East Coast music, paired it with the Outlaw Country styles he was brought up on to create a sound that is, uniquely, his own. This sound can be heard in Lane Duke’s single “Back Home”. With one song released, he is now in Kingston, Ontario and in the process of putting together his first EP, set to be released in April 2019.  

You can hear Lane Duke on the radio station CIFA in Digby County, NS, as well as on CFRC in Kingston. You can also catch Lane Duke in person every Wednesday night at The Public House in Kingston, ON.







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Every Wednesday from 7-11pm @ The Public House, Kingston ON 

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Back Home - single

by Lane Duke

This one is dedicated to anyone who’s ever had to travel away from home in order to provide for their loved ones Back Home. Whether it’s people having to go out on boats for long periods of time, or having to move away from their home in order to make a living, or even if being on the road a lot is a part of your profession – this song is dedicated to you! There is something special about a person that knowingly puts themselves in these types of difficult, and sometimes, dangerous positions just to take care of the ones they love.

So to anyone who has had to go away, or that has had to say goodbye many times, I hope this can be an anthem for all of you.




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